HORSE -- Guitar
ANIBAL -- Vocals

"'Jussy' is a made-up word," explains vocalist Anibal. "It’s one of those band names that have no meaning previously; but we’ll make it mean a lot to lovers of melodic hard rock." Though abstract in name, Jussy delivers music with meaning that is rooted in the human experience.

Horse started playing guitar at the age of 10. As Anibal recalls, "I was in a band with his older brother, and Horse would fill-in for our two guitarists, who were five years his senior.” Horse practiced countless hours since then, at times studying under mentor-to-the-greats, Pebber Brown. Horse went on to place in the finals of Guitar World’s Judas Priest-judged guitarist competition, "Shred the Web II." He later won Steve Vai's "Best In Shred" contest, allowing him the opportunity to open for the three-time Grammy Award winner.

Given Anibal’s credentials as poet (his writing appeared on the literary journal shelves of Barnes & Noble), when he heard how skilled Horse had become at guitar, Anibal knew he could add lyrics meshing well with Horse's guitar work. Out of their first jam session, Anibal and Horse emerged as “Jussy,” based on the idea that a contemporary band could be built around the instrument. But to update and expand the reach of guitar-centric artists of decades past, Jussy would, as Anibal explains: “Make the guitar accessible: keep the songs and solos short, use a variety of effects-treated vocals, and diversify the backing beats.”

After separately pursuing JD and PhD degrees, Jussy honed their live show in New York City’s Williamsburg and Lower East Side neighborhoods. But now that their jobs allow for a return to Chicagoland, they just can't wait to rock out.